Bored and smoking a lot

I have a few roommates, & 1 of them has a live-in partner.

Well, she wasn’t initially a live-in partner, but then the COVID quarantine hit & she just ended up staying here with us.

The first few weeks were kind of great, & then the home fever set in. Watching entire runs of TV series & movies franchises got stale, & all of us played out every board game & card game in the house. I am not certain who came up with the system first, but it came about in the center of a smoke session, & all of us spent all night planning it out. All of us called it the Cannabis Games, & would be a hardcore type competition with multiple different marijuana-based contests between the more than three of us. The first event was called the “dirty weed pick & roll” which used locally grown cannabis that was tacky & full of seeds. The goal of this event was to scrub the marijuana, break it down by hand, & roll it into a perfect cigarette. The hour leg of the event is to puff & pass, & smoke all more than 3 marijuana cigarettes at once in a circle. For the next event all of us got out the massive few chambers glass bong & stuffed it full of Orange kush. This 1 was an endurance test, & the bong went around the circle, each of us hitting more & more Orange kush until all of us tapped out 1 by 1. These events went on for days, until all of us realized all of us had smoked up a whole week’s worth of cannabis!
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