Using a CBD cream for headaches

I get really bad headaches. I hate taking pills for them too. I feel it isn’t healthy to consume a pill every time my head hurts. Usually if I am good about water and eating right, I can get past the pain. Occasionally the heat, pollen or just the air quality affects my head. I have found that I can get out of taking an excedrin or an aleve if I use a cannabis topical. People use medical marijuaan for a lot of things. They use cannabis to treat anxiety, depression and sleeping issues. There are people that use medical weed for seizures, PTSD and chemotherapy. I found that topicals are really good at treating chronic pain, inflammation, skin disorders and you guessed it, headaches. A CBD cream isn’t exactly cheap, but it is worth it. I don’t need to use my topical everyday, just about once a month. The smell is a faint aroma of lavender and it is a tiny, portable tube. It is small enough I can stuff it in a carry on and bring it all over the world with me. I use my CBD cream as a last case scenario. It works every time and the cannabis dispensary near me keeps it in stock. Sometimes I work out a deal with the budtender. I will buy like 10 of the creams and get it almost 50% off. My headache goes away in under an hour and I don’t have to swallow a pill. I just rub the cream on my face and neck and instantly feel soothed.
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